Welcome to Historic

San Francisco Fisherman's Wharf


Boudin at the Wharf 

Address: 160 Jefferson Street 

Phone: 415-928-1849 

Website: www.boudinbakery.com/at-the-wharf 

A Real Slice of San Francisco History. A visit to Boudin at the Wharf serves up a "one of a kind" San Francisco experience. Watch our bakers prepare the dough with our Gold Rush heritage recipes. Explore the interactive exhibits in our museum. Shop for distinctive gifts at our marketplace. Then relax and enjoy lunch or dinner in our cafe or upstairs in our full-service restauran Bistro Boudin where you can see views of the waterfront and historic Alcatraz...read more

A food lover's haven, Fisherman's Wharf boasts some of the best dining in the world. Salivate over fresh Dungeness crab served steaming hot at outdoor stands or in a variety of gourmet recipes at the Wharf’s many seafood restaurants. Smell the fresh sourdough bread baking. Savor some locally made chocolate. The Wharf's eclectic mix of international cuisine is sure to make a hit with your taste buds. We guarantee it. Bon appetit!