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San Francisco Fisherman's Wharf

Dudley Perkins Co. is a Harley-Davidson dealership enriched in family tradition for four generations.  Established in 1914, it holds the prestigious honor of being the world's oldest family owned dealership.  As a longtime staple in San Francisco history, Dudley Perkins Co. has been bestowed various awards and accolades. Conveniently located within the heart of Fisherman's Wharf, this satellite store to the dealership provides the Harley-Davidson enthusiast with much sought-after custom t-shirts, souvenirs, and memorabilia. Our knowledgeable and friendly sales associates will make your shopping experience the best beyond compare!

Dudley Perkins Company - Wharf Store

Address: 2595 Taylor Street

Phone: 415-776-7781

Website: www.dpchd.com/