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San Francisco Fisherman's Wharf

The San Francisco Dungeon brings to life the authentic tales of the Bay Area’s dark history, through theatrical actors, special effects, gripping storytelling and 360º sets. The hysterically horrible engaging stories will take you through 9 live actor-led shows as you experience reenacted scenes from the colorful Gold Rush era to authentic tales about the Barbary Coast criminal gangs, Alcatraz, the Shanghai Kelly boat ride, and more. It's the ultimate live action expedition! See, hear, touch, smell and feel the experience of early San Francisco as you move from show to show, guided by our professional actors. It’s hilarious fun – and sometimes a little scary!

The San Francisco Dungeon

Address: 145 Jefferson Street

Phone: 855-753-9999

Website: www.thedungeons.com/sanfrancisco

Social: Facebook | Twitter