Amadeo Tommasini 

1640 Stockton (1900 – 1983)Amadeo Tommasini with trophies

In 1917, the pioneer recreational, cultural and athletic club in North Beach was the “Circolo Recreativo Italiano Virtus” to which Amadeo Tomassini was one of the founder and one of its great athletes. The other clubs in the community at the time were the Unione Sportiva Italiana and the Sporting Club Italia. Through Tommasini’s efforts and the passing of time the sporting  clubs merged with the Circolo Recreativo Italiano Virtus taking the new name “Unione Sportiva Italiano Virtus”. 

Led by Tommasini the Club in 1927, purchased this property to build a new club house to serve the athletic and cultural needs of the members and the Italian-American community. 

During the hardship years of the great depression, 1931-1933, Tommasini served as president. Through his leadership and stamina the money was raised for a building to be built. June 6, 1936, the new building was inaugurated and the club renamed as “San Francisco Italian Athletic Club”. 

Whatever the task Tommasini had the ability and determination to reach the goal. The same can be said of his athletic endeavors. As a track star few were his equal. Crowds would appear just to see Tommasini run and cry out “Run Tommy Run”. 

When not spending time at the Italian Athletic Club he could be found at the University of California where he served as the director of the University of California Press, which published and printed scholastic books. He was internationally acknowledged as celebrated designer, typographer and printer. In 1945, Tommasini was put in charge of supervising the production of the United Nations Charter in printed form. 
He was a proud American with an Italian name.