Frank Crivello

The Cannery

Frank Crivello

Frank Crivello, Immigrant from Porticello Sicily came to the US in 1949.

After working at crab stands on Fisherman's wharf, and singing to his patrons from many years, he opened his own indoor-outdoor cafe, Crivello's Oyster Bar in the Cannery, in 1968.

Situated in the middle of the Cannery courtyard near Jefferson street, COB served up Raw oysters on the half shell, Clam Chowder; Sandwiched and Salads, and became noted famously for its stellar Crab Sandwiches, which people came for all over the globe to savor. It was one of Fisherman's wharf first outdoor seating, seafood cafe's.....

But it was Frank's Italian Tenor voice that brought the most attention. Signing Italian classics such as Santa Lucia, O Solo' Mio, and his Signature song "Come Back to Sorrento", Frank would stroll out of his cafe, walk the corridors of the cannery, belt out a signature tune, and the Cannery ambiance would be filled with his golden voice. Within minutes people would file out of the shops and line the balconies to discover the curious sound. At the end of each forte, a thunderous applause would ensue with a daily 'encore' chant from flocks of unsuspecting tourists.

His ten minutes of fame did occur when Perry Como happened to be passing through, heard Dad and invited him to sing on his Christmas Special on CBS in 1985, which Frank graciously did.....The only time he said yes to an opportunity to sing professionally. He just liked Mr Como.

Frank discovered his own personal opera house in the form of an old-cannery. Singing as his leisure and bringing joy to tens of thousands of patrons. To this day, the Cannery is an outdoor acoustic gem, and many street performers continue to perform.

Frank sang his last harrah at the Cannery in 1989, COB closed its doors,  and the cannery courtyard entrance was opened to newer and modern talents of the day. 

Information provided by the Crivello family.