St. Patrick’s Day, the day everyone is a little Irish. Did you know that even St. Patrick wasn’t Irish. Rumor has it he was actually Welsh! Believe it or not St. Paddy’s Day used to be a quiet holiday because it falls during lent but in the late 1960’s the law was changed in Ireland and pubs were allowed to stay open. Today, it is very much associated with having a good time with friends. During St. Patrick’s Day, the consumption of Guinness almost triples - from 5.5 million pints on a regular day to 13 million pints. That’s 150 pints per second! Sláinte!

We thought we would make it easy to plan out your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations with a list of places to enjoy a beverage or two...or three!

  1. The Buena Vista
    Serving San Francisco’s legendary Irish Coffee and delicous breakfast, lunch or dinner.

  2. San Francisco Brewing Co.
    Located in iconic Ghirardelli Square, they specialize in small batch and experimental brewing. They also serve San Francisco-inspired pub food.

  3. Come for the food…stay for the drinks!
    The Wharf has many restaurants with dedicated bars. You can sit down for a full meal or grab a stool for an app and a drink or two. Oyster shooters and shots, anyone? For a list of restaurants, click here.

On Wednesday, November 17th at noon there will be a special performance at the Hyde Street Cable Car Turnaround featuring a trio from the San Francisco Opera Orchestra. Stop by a give them a listen.

Don’t forget to mask up, wear your green and social distance! Have a great St. Patrick’s Day and may the luck of the Irish be with you!