links & tips

All the links you need to make your visit to Fisherman's Wharf (and San Francisco) complete! 


1. When the fog rolls in the temperature can change dramatically, so always dress in layers.

2. Avoid walking while holding your phone or placing it on restaurant table tops where it can easily be snatched.

3. Buy a rechargeable Clipper Card or a multi-day MUNI Pass at any Walgreens or partner retailer to easily ride the cable cars, streetcars, buses and BART. It will save you time and money because drivers don't have the ability to give change.

4. Park Smart! Do not leave valuables in your vehicle or other items in plain sight. Instead, leave your luggage and other items at your hotel.

5. Take a reusable bag with you when you go shopping or souvenir hunting to avoid a 10 cent charge per bag.

6. Read all the signs at a parking lot before paying. Parking lots that are self-service will post if there is "No Attendant on Duty."

If you need help with directions, recommendations or insider tips while you are at Fisherman's Wharf ask any of the Fisherman's Wharf Ambassadors.