San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf is a world-famous tourist attraction, and a thriving and vibrant local neighborhood and commercial area. Home to world-class diningshoppinghotels, and endless entertainment opportunities. Here, you will find resources for media including photos and videos, information about the Wharf, Wharf history, and more. 


The FWCBD has an extensive library of Fisherman's Wharf neighborhood photography available for use in the media. Fisherman's Wharf now has B-roll drone videography available for use as well. Any member of the media or a business in the Fisherman's Wharf district can use these media assets. If you are planning on using these photos or videos in paid advertisements, please reach out for permission. If you don't see the photo you are looking for, please reach out to The FWCBD has many photos available for use that are not included in this library. 

Giving credit:

  • Print photography: "Fisherman's Wharf Community Benefit District"
  • Web photography: "" with URL and photo hyperlinking to the website URL
  • Social media photography: Tag the Fisherman's Wharf account (Facebook @Fisherman's Wharf, Instagram @FishermansWharf, Twitter @TheWharfSF)
  • Business photography: Photos in folders labeled "Courtesy of..." have been submitted by various businesses in Fisherman's Wharf. When using these photos, please credit the business that provided the photo.