jefferson street development

Since 2006, the San Francisco Planning Department has been working with the Fisherman's Wharf CBD and the community to redesign Fisherman's Wharf for how it is used today. The plan addressed accessibility for the businesses, people and fishermen who work in the neighborhood, and made modifications to create a better walking and biking environment for the nearly 40,000 – 110,000 people that visit per day. Phase One of the Public Realm project was completed in June of 2013 and included sidewalk-widening, streetscape enhancements and directional and signal changes along two blocks of Jefferson Street from Jones to Hyde Streets.

Phase Two of the Jefferson Street public realm project will see the continuation of the striped concrete roadway from Jones Street east to Powell Street (3 blocks). The design will also include a wood deck in front of the Sport Fishing Fleet, expanded sidewalks in some areas, additional trees, better lighting, and pedestrian and bicycle improvements and safety measures.

Below are the supporting plans and reports about the overall project.

After the completion of Phase 1 of Jefferson Street in 2015, the FWCBD completed a report that included the impacts, statistics and survey results for Phase 1 of the project.

After completing the Public Realm Plan, the Planning Department concluded and Mitigated Negative Declaration on the possible environmental effects of the planned projects.

The Public Realm Plan for Fisherman's Wharf was initiated by the SF Planning Department at the request of Supervisor Aaron Peskin.  The FWCBD had completed a comprehensive community vision plan and wished to build upon the momentum for their vision in an official city plan. The Work began in December of 2007 and contains five elements, including;

  1. Redesign for Jefferson Street

  2. Streetscape Plan for the remaining streets

  3. Parking and Circulation Plan

  4. Open Space Plan

  5. Urban Design Guidelines for public and private development

In 2008 Gehl Architects completed an in-depth study of Public Space & Public Life at Fisherman's Wharf