District Information

The Land Side portion of the Fisherman's Wharf Community Benefit District (FWCBD) was founded by the business and property owners of in November 2005. On July 15, 2020, the Land Side CBD was successfully renewed for another 15-year term.

In December 2006, the FWCBD formed the Port Side business-based community benefit district, which incorporates businesses with leases from the Port of San Francisco. On November 17, 2020, the Port Side renewal was brought to the Board of Supervisors for review. While a record 98.39% of all Portside businesses participated in the election, we are disappointed to report that primarily as a result of an active campaign against renewal, we were only able to secure 45% of the weighted vote to renew the district in the election.

The renewal process included both a petition and ballot vote-by-mail for our constituents, certification from the Board of Supervisors, and ultimately the Mayor’s signature.


Two way traffic is open from Powell to Hyde along Jefferson Street.

The proposed second phase of the Jefferson Street redesign will improve the street and public realm areas of Jefferson Street from Jones Street east to Powell Street. The project funding was approved by the Board of Supervisors in October 2019, and the project is currently underway. We will keep you informed of any opportunities to provide feedback and to learn more about the project.

Sign up for email project updates at  https://www.sfpublicworks.org/jefferson

This streetscape project will feature geometrically patterned pavement to help promote traffic calming, widened sidewalks with new street trees, landscaping and pedestrian scale lighting for enhanced safety, site furnishings, seating elements and bicycle parking racks. 

Mitchell Engineering has been contracted by DPW for this project.

Construction is planned to be completed in multiple sequences. A proposed construction plan may resemble the following sequence*
Sequence I: Fall 2019 to Winter 2020 - Work focused at the intersection of Jefferson and Jones
Sequence II: Winter to Spring 2020 - Work focused along the north side of Jefferson, Jones to Powell
Sequence III: Spring to Summer 2020 - Work focused along the south side of Jefferson and Plaza
Sequence IV: Summer 2020 to Winter 2021 - Construction continues from Powell to Mason, at the Crab Wheel plaza, and from Taylor to Jones. Two-way traffic is open from Powell to Hyde along Jefferson Street.

General Work Hours**: Monday to Friday: 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM Saturday to Sunday: Work hours to be determined as needed should weekend work be required.** **Please note: Evening and/or weekend work outside of general work hours is allowed and possible, but has NOT been scheduled at this time. Additional details will be posted to the project webpage should additional work hours/days become necessary. General work hours are subject to change

Impacts and Restrictions: During various phases of work, vehicle traffic on Jefferson Street may be restricted or re-routed. Local access for deliveries for business will be available. Please reach out to a project team member to coordinate anticipated deliveries as needed. 

Access to private or commercial buildings and pedestrian pathways will be maintained at all times, however, delays may be possible. Crews will delineate a clear pedestrian path of travel around construction areas as needed. 

Please observe all posted restricted parking and traffic signage and allow additional travel time through the area in case of traffic delays during construction. Vehicles parked in posted restricted “Tow Away/No Parking” areas will be towed at the vehicle owner’s expense

We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding as we work to make these improvements in your neighborhood and apologize for any inconvenience upcoming construction activity may cause. 

*Please Note: Construction sequencing, schedules, dates and times are subject to change due to rain or other weather delays, equipment breakdown, and/or other unforeseen field conditions. Please visit the project webpage at www.sfpublicworks.org/jefferson for the latest updates and information. 

Restricted parking hours may differ from general work hours. Please see the posted “No Parking” signs for additional information. Restrictions may vary per block. 


San Francisco Public Works
Denny Phan, Project Manager
Desk: (628) 271-2419 | Mobile: (628) 224-2232
Email: Denny.Phan@sfdpw.org


Coma Te, Public Affairs Officer
Desk: (628) 271-2243 | Mobile: (415) 770-2330
Email: Coma.Te@sfdpw.org

Mitchell Engineering 
Sean Coffey, Project Manager
Phone: 415-523-7321
Email: scoffey@mitchell-engineering.com

In 2018 the FWCBD commissioned an in-depth Retail Strategy report for Fisherman’s Wharf. The process of creating the document was a year-long collaborative effort between the FWCBD, Seifel Consulting, and the Retail StrategyTask Force (which included 15 property and business owners from the area). The project was partially funded by a grant from the Mayor’s Office of Economic and Work Force Development and can be viewed and/or downloaded by clicking the image below.

Retail Strategy cover

The strategy contains recommendations over a 5 year period and is a renewed effort to strengthen the district’s commercial mix and create new interest in the area from both local residents and visitors. The comprehensive document focuses on business, entertainment, appearance, safety, marketing, and the public realm. It also outlines how to maintain the momentum of the Wharf renaissance while simultaneously preserving the area’s unique historical ties and improving the iconic district, the only commercial retail street on the waterfront in San Francisco. 

For more information, please reach out to our staff at info@fwcbd.com.